We're Doing A Destination Wedding!

Cancun, Mexico - May 2021

Before everyone freaks out about the safety concerns of Mexico, please review. We are arranging for the resort to provide all round-trip transportation from the airport free of charge, and we're booking at an all-inclusive resort, meaning... you should not be leaving. This is intentional. Our biggest priority is our guests; that's why we've decided to have our wedding in Cancun in the first place (more on this later).

Now to the fun stuff!

While we are still finalizing the specific resort we will be staying in, we do know a few things.

  1. It will be at an all-inclusive resort. Roundtrip transportation for all guests will be included. This is to be sure that everyone feel safe and secure.

  2. The resort will be family-friendly, so guests can bring their kiddos (or ditch them.. up to you) and either take them to the fun kid festivities, or ditch them in the supervised areas and go on date night. We are looking at resorts that are attached to their adult-only side, so our friends without kids who want to be at the pool without toddlers etc. have that option.

  3. Like I said, our guests are our main priority. We are comparing the lowest-cost all-inclusive resorts to be sure our guests are spending the minimum to join us in this celebration while getting the most out of it. Kalvin and I discussed the destination wedding idea with our core folks because we wanted to be considerate. All feedback was great feedback, so.. onward!

  4. We will have the ceremony barefoot on the beach. I was never the girl that had a million Pinterest boards with everything planned down to the colors and centerpieces, just waiting for the guy to pop the question so I can pull the trigger on all of my detailed hopes and dreams. I did, however, always picture it on a beach. I love the beach. It calms my soul and gives me SO much joy.

  5. There will be MAJOR dancing. I've already started building my list of Bad Bunny and salsa music. Of course there will be a healthy balanace of 2 stepping slow dancing because.. romance. But also, I just wanna dance.

Why destination?

Glad you asked. In normal situations I would think that destination weddings automatically ensure low RSVPs and frustrated friends/family members. However, Kalvin and I were originally planning to have the wedding in our new city, Charlotte. 99% of our guests would be traveling in, and we would see them for a max of 10 hours combined with the welcome drinks, ceremony & reception.

At an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, we will get SO much more time with our loved ones. The resorts offer so much entertainment and exploring. We plan to build out an itinerary of all of the things that we plan to do, and invite guests to partake as they wish. More on this when we select the specific resort.

The biggest reason of all... $$$

I watched a standup by Iliza Shlesinger called "Unveiled" yesterday on our flight back from Indiana, and it just re-confirmed all of the choices that Kalvin & I are making about our wedding. If you haven't seen it (whether you're male/female, married/single, etc... relevant!) I HIGHLY suggest watching it.

When we were comparing all of our options here in Charlotte, it was becoming more and more apparent that we couldn't have a wedding that at the bare minimum provided all our guests with dinner & open bar (beer/wine only) for less than $15k. Realistically, it would probably be closer to $20k. For ONE DAY. A day that most brides spend all of their blood, sweat, and tears planning, AND THEY DON'T EVEN GET TO ENJOY MOST OF IT.

Let me pause here. All of these are my personal opinions. You don't have to agree with them, and you are obviously welcome to plan your wedding however/wherever/whenever you choose. You be you. I'll be me. But to us, it just didn't make sense to spend $20k on one.

The average wedding in Mexico costs $6-$8k.


Jk, I know why. It's not realistic for all of their people to travel internationally for their wedding. But as I mentioned before, in our case, it makes more sense for us. Honestly.. would you rather fly to Charlotte or Cancun? Stay in a Marriott or an all-inclusive? Dance on a wood dance floor, or the sand?

End of the day - it's a better experience for our guests than they would have in Charlotte. We're encouraging our guests to dual-purpose our wedding to be a romantic getaway or a family vacation.. with a wedding celebration thrown in the middle of it.

When tho? Aren't you nervous about the Coronas?

With all of the craziness going on right now, I cannot even begin to imagine if I had a wedding in the next couple months. Many of the people that I know have had to postpone their wedding or go through with it and livestream on Facebook for those who aren't able/willing to travel. You spent so much money, time, and stress (did I mention money?) on this day, and I know it's frustrating as hell.

That being said - Kalvin and I are sticking with our original goal of May 30, 2021. We picked Memorial Day weekend to help guests save a day of vacation with their place of work. This gives us and the world a full year to work through this unreal time. Obviously, we can't select the exact date until we officially book at a resort, so TBD on that.

Have you gone to or had a destination wedding?

Please share all of the details! If you attended a destination wedding, what were the pros and cons? If you planned one, what tips and tricks can you share?

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