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This is an updated version of one of the first blog posts I made in 2019! Making money has become more crucial for some folks through all of the pandemic madness. Opportunities are a little different than they were when I first wrote this blog. I wanted to make it more relevant, and include some new bonus ideas content as well!

Whether I've been in between jobs, I wanted to buy a plane ticket, or I had buyers remorse after a big purchase.. these are practical things that I do when I need a few extra bucks.

  1. Inventory your items, and sell sell sell! Sell old clothes and shoes at Platos Closet or your local consignment shop. Post some old tech you don't use often on eBay. List some decorations and things you don't even like anymore on Facebook Marketplace. Bring some items to Half Price Books (DVDs, CDs, records, books, games, textbooks). Create things and sell them (this is what I have Once Wild for). The possibilities truly can become quite endless when you look around and realize how much junk you just have sitting there that you never even look at. Minimize the clutter. Make some cash. Buy things you actually like and/or use.

  2. Watch kids! I was very lucky in both Austin and Charlotte to have gotten connected with amazing families. I occasionally babysat for the Austin family for 2+ years. I helped the kids overcome fears, learn new skills, process emotions... and it was incredibly fun just going on adventures with them everyday! In Charlotte, I was a full-time nanny for a beautiful family for literally 3 weeks before we impulsively decided to move to Indiana (that blog will be coming soon). The beauty of babysitting (and substitute teaching, actually) is that you can select when you work, and what ages you're cool with. Don't like changing diapers? Only babysit kids 5+. Don't like kids that are assholes? You are under no requirement to continue to sit for kids that you don't like, and schools you substitute at have guidelines in place for behavior. Create your own rate, schedule, and requirements! Personal update: I just got approval to become a substitute teacher in our county! I applied for a license when we first moved to Indiana, and it took like... 3 months to process. But I got it back and finished the interview process! My first day is on April 6 - high schoolers. Lord, please don't let them be assholes.

  3. Sell Your Body! (Plasma) This has always been a way for me to feel like I'm doing something with a purpose. Plasma is full of nutrients and proteins that have a variety of benefits for recipients. Plasma is needed for folks with immune deficiencies, respiratory disease, organ transplants, burn treatments and SO much more. If you're interested in seeing all the ways donations impact recipients, read more here. I have always loved donating blood, and plasma isn't very different in experience. The difference is that you're hooked up to a machine that will separate your plasma from your red and white blood cells. It will keep the plasma and return the red and white blood cells to you! More info can be found here. Donating plasma feels a little different than just blood, as you are having blood cells returned to you. That freaks some people out. I don't mind it. You feel a little pressure, but it's no big deal. If you're down to try it, I recommend it!

  4. Walk Dogs! I haven't done this in a little while, but this was pretty enjoyable for me! I got to meet new doggos, go on 20-30 minute walks outside, and get paid at the same time! There are a few different apps that you can use depending on your location such as Wag! or Rover. Most major cities even have some that are local only (EX: Charlotte also has Skipper). I'm looking into signing up here in Newburgh because it's becoming nice outside, and it will get me moving during the day!

  5. CUT COSTS! This one may be last in my list, but it's the MOST important. In ~2018 I decided that I needed to get out of debt and find out where all of my money was going. I was making $70k+ as a single lady with a doggo, and somehow was still not able to pay down my $10k credit card and $18k car note. Crazy, right? So I swallowed my pride and combed through my credit card expenses for the previous 3 months with Kalvin. We had only been dating for a few months at this point, but I knew I needed real help and accountability and he's always had a ton of knowledge in Finance (now he's becoming a certified financial coach, how cool!). I had NO idea that I was still subscribed to some of the things that I wasn't even using anymore such as Audible, Amazon Prime, HBO, Weight Watchers, Dollar Shave club... It was so bad that I didn't realize I was still paying for Dollar Shave Club because I hadn't updated my address when I moved, so I wasn't even getting the razors! Ugh. I highly recommend you audit your cash flow, and audit it OFTEN. I am a big Ramsey fan, so I use the "EveryDollar" budgeting app - premium subscription. It's totally worth the money, because it helps us keep a close eye on our money. Following Dave Ramsey's "principles" (idk what to call them) helped me get fully out of debt in just over 1 year. I had to make some aggressive/difficult choices, but I'm forever thankful.

What are your money-making hacks?

Those are my go-to's. I just enjoy being scrappy with income and finding new ways to bring it in while enjoying the lifestyle I love - flexible and free.

Shameless plug: If you are interested in some free financial advice, reach out to me. I'd love to motivate and encourage you to get out of debt, or crush your financial goals! If you want professional help, my hubby is always looking for opportunities to help people like he did me!

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