5 Songs That Pull Me Out of Negativity

Music has always been a cure-all for me. It helps me acknowledge and validate my feelings so that I can process them and move on. It helps me remember how lucky I am to be alive and breathing. It just makes everything better.

Good music is like good food - it's universally palatable no matter where it's from. Its reach goes beyond space and time. There is so much research that connects music to happiness, health and productivity.

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

If you're feeling low, why not try music as medicine?

Here are the 5 songs that make me REALLY happy.

  1. Life Must Go On by Quinn XCII This song is my go to for when I am feeling stuck in a negative emotion. It helps me remember that life is going to keep moving forward so I might as well join it. "Even when you know it's all wrong, whether you're high, whether you're low, gotta keep on, be a part of the show, I said life must go on"

  2. Don't Kill My Vibe by Sigrid I first heard this song at ACL while I was living in Austin. This instantly became my fight song! "You're acting like you hurt me but I'm not even listening, don't kill my vibe"

  3. Mine Right Now by Sigrid No shame on showcasing Sigrid twice. So many of her songs have helped me pick myself up. I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me so well, but I'm human and sometimes I become overwhelmed by insecurities and fear that I'm going to ruin it. When those fears hit, I jam this one out. "But I don't want to go there so I tell myself that it's alright if we don't end up together, 'cause you're mine right now."

  4. Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle Man, I can't even tell you how many times I have listened to this one. Something about the Jamaican beats that cause me to just want to dance around is intoxicating. It's an amazing song to help me remember that I'm not doing this life alone, I have an amazing father God who furiously loves me. "Where are You now when darkness seems to win? Where are You now when the world is crumbling? I hear You say 'Look up child'"

  5. A New Day by GRiZ, Matisyahu I blame my deep love for the Caribbean, but here is yet another Jamaican sound mixed with a little dub and glitch. This song protests against gun violence. No matter your stance on guns, I think we can all get behind this cry of learning to love instead of fighting. "In these trying times, what you fighting for? It's a new wave; it's a new day. Keep your head up high 'til we end this war"

Your turn!

What are your top go-to songs that help bring you out of a funk?

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